Learning Outcomes: MA in Information Design

Students in the Master of Arts in Information Design Program are expected to:

Outcome 1 - Creative Problem Solve

Students identify a problem, and apply design process and research methodology towards the creation of a solution from an artistic perspective. Students will have demonstrated a familiarity and working knowledge of the different theories and philosophies of graphic/information design;

Outcome 2 - Create (generate/plan/produce) a Professional Design Portfolio

Students apply critical thinking, research methodology, and design practice, to create a well-developed defendable body of design work, demonstrating advanced capabilities with technologies, documentation, and presentation of a professional design portfolio;

Outcome 3 - Leadership Ability

Students demonstrate creative problem solving skills and knowledge of design theory and practice necessary for a leadership position in a design-related field. Student’s familiarity with current trends and issues in the design field is evaluated by design faculty and professionals in the design field, based on community and professional engagement/participation in addition to the student’s Capstone Project;

Outcome 4 - Communicate Effectively Across Digital Media

Students write and create design work for research, e-publication, and presentation. Student work provides evidence of an ability to effectively organize, interpret, synthesize, evaluate and produce knowledgeable and successful projects in print media, Web, / Social Media, and Motion Graphics / Multimedia, that situate themselves into the framework of the contemporary graphic/information design field.

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