Master of Arts Degree in Information Design Course Descriptions

DES 499 Computer Applications for Graphic/Information Design 

( 3 ) Prereq: DES 326 (with a grade of C- or higher) and DES 425 (with a grade of C- or higher) or permission of instructor. Study of the relationship of computer application in contemporary graphic/information design practice. Laboratory exploration of relevant software and its application in the field. Open to majors only. [c]

DES 501 Graphic/Information Design Theory I (3) Prereq: Admission to graduate program in Information Design or permission of program coordinator. Critical analysis of the purpose and evolution of graphic/information design theory, integrity, and computer application. Includes problem solving. Fall. [c]

DES 502 Graphic/Information Design Theory II ( 3 ) Prereq: DES 501 and admission to graduate program in Information Design. Continuation of DES 501. Additional theory and applications. Technology, economic, and ethical issues will be explored. Spring. [c]

DES 503 Graphic/Information Design Practice I ( 3 ) Prereq.: DES 502. Applied design research and practice in graphic/information design. Emphasis on creativity, practical problem solving, technical proficiency, and presentation. Fall. [c]

DES 504 Graphic/Information Design Practice II ( 3 ) Prereq.: DES 503. Continuation of DES 503. Additional research and practice, portfolio, and presentation development. Spring. [c]

DES 520 Advanced History of Design ( 3 ) Prereq: DES 419 or permission of instructor. Advanced study of the history and philosophy of design. Topics include in- depth study of symbolic meaning, visual awareness as it applies to design, and the creation of visual language in design.

DES 537 Advanced Design Internship ( 3 ) Prereq: DES 503, portfolio review, and permission of instructor. Internship with professional graphic/information design organization. On demand.

DES 598 Research Methods in Design ( 3 ) Prereq.: DES 520 or permission of instructor. Study of research methods unique to the professional practice of design. Includes discussion of issues pertaining to conceptual, visual, and technological research specific to the design process. Fall. [c]

DES 597 Research Project (Plan C) ( 3 ) Prereq.: DES 503, 598. Completion of 21 s.h. of planned program required. Preparation of the research project under the supervision of research project advisor. Acceptance of the research project by the Research Project Committee (selected by student with approval of research project advisor) is required.

Directed Elective (DES, BUS, MKT, MGT, MIS, CS, COMM or ART) ( 3 )

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