Welcome to Central Design

CCSU Design Departments’ In-House Design Studio

DES 439: Central Design features real project and production situations that help graduate and undergraduate students each semester build a stronger portfolio as well as a successful, meaningful and stronger foundation in the field of graphic design where experimentation and collaboration are strongly encouraged. Providing a real-world situation accelerates the learning process and students get a better understanding of what it means to use the skills they have developed outside of a formal classroom environment.

Several projects are always underway in Central Design. Some are quick short term projects; others are long term multi-phase projects. Design projects include branding, logo design, illustration, motion graphics, print and web design.

Central Design partners with local non-profits, school, and community outreach programs to develop these projects. A few of the organizations and initiatives that have worked with us include:

Goals for Central Design projects:

  • Have both immediate and lasting impact
  • Build sustainable relationships
  • Offer a learning opportunities for our students
  • Encourage students to work together as well as with the community
  • Offer creative opportunities for our students and faculty
  • Provide opportunities for student portfolio building