CLIENT: Pedagogy and Profession, Online Journal

DESIGN NEEDS: Logo & Web Banner

Candace Barrington, CCSU English Professor and Global Chaucer, approached our Central Design class to design a logo for an online journal to be published within the Chaucer Society website, The mission of the Society is to “Provide a forum for teachers and scholars of Geoffrey Chaucer and his age.” 

THE CHALLENGE: Design a logo "Pedagogy & Profession" that workswith a 15th century manuscript style, the Ellesmere Manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Candace and the board of directors were looking for a modern, contemporary design tying elements of the past and present together.

THE PROCESS: Central Design students designed their own rendition of a logo. Several logos were individualy styled with digitally illustrated Ps that were paired with a font that tied in nicely with their illustrations. Styles varied as much as the students themselves; there was a coat of arms, a streaming banner, filigree illustrations, a horseman, as well as typographic variations.  After several critiques the client was presented with 8 unique concepts.

Candace responded with, “The board is crazy about the logos the students submitted and cannot believe such professional quality came from students. We really appreciate the opportunity to have so many options to choose from!” After further deliberation the board unanimously selected Josh Perkins' logo. “We liked the simplicity of the design and how adaptable it would be for our various purposes.”

Logo & Web Banner design by Josh Perkins


FRIST ROW: Taylor Pierce, Jon Leggett, Josh Perkins, Naz Karsanoglu

SECOND ROW: Marcin Stopyra, Connor Youmans, Brian Pepe, Ben Caisse