Center Streets

CLIENT: Ethan Frankel, co-chairman for Center Streets

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The nonprofit Bike West Hartford Inc. advocates for a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly town plan. Center Streets, the organization’s marquee annual event, involves closing off the roads around West Hartford Center to all motor vehicle traffic—from LaSalle St. to Main Street—on a summer Sunday morning.

The Center Streets event is designed to get people of all ages to dust off their bikes at the end of summer, and enjoy car free streets with neighbors, friends, and visitors from other towns.

NEEDS: The client was looking for a fun, eye catching design that conveys the spirit of the event and reads well on signs and banners.

PROCESS: All students designed their own rendition of a logo for Center Streets. The decision was tough but everyone had a great experience meeting with a client and an additional piece to add to their portfolio.

"Working with your design students on our logo was a great experience for me. Our group was so excited with the results. I loved meeting with your class to explain exactly what our Center Streets event was about. Your students listened carefully and their great ideas started flowing! The results were excellent and we can't thank you enough." ~ Ethan Frankel, Bike West Hartford

Logo Design by David Wei

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