ABCCSU Pre-K Olympics

Design Brief: Logo Design and print collateral pieces
Client: ABCCSU Pre-K Olympics for Fitness & Literacy
           Directed by Katherine Baratta, Social Work Department

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Logo design needed for CCSU Pre-K Olympics semi-annual event. The new logo is to be used on tee-shirts and all print materials.

PROCESS: Each student in Central Design designed a logo, followed by peer and instructor critiques. The client was given 4 examples to choose from in which the selected logo was designed by Eric Ahrens. Following the logo design, students set up the logo for silk screening on tee shirts, designed a postcard, brochure and scorecard.

THE EVENT: The Social Work Department partners with Human Resources of New Britain, Head Start and the Phys Ed Dept to sponsor the CCSU Pre-K Olympics which takes place twice a year in November and April. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqeenwG4W2o

Logo Designed by Eric Ahrens. Brochure Designed by Ahn Nguyen.