Client: ABCCSU Pre-K Olympics

Design Brief: Logo Design and print collateral pieces
Client: Directed by Catherine Baratta, Social Work Department

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Logo design needed for CCSU Pre-K Olympics semi-annual event. The new logo is to be used on tee-shirts and all print materials.

PROCESS: Each student in Central Design designed a logo, followed by peer and instructor critiques. The client was given 4 examples to choose from in which the selected logo was designed by Eric Ahrens. Following the logo design, students set up the logo for silk screening on tee shirts, designed a postcard, brochure and scorecard.

THE EVENT: The Social Work Department partners with Human Resources of New Britain, Head Start and the Phys Ed Dept to sponsor the CCSU Pre-K Olympics which takes place twice a year in November and April. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqeenwG4W2o

CREATIVE ACTIVITY: In the Fall 2016 faculty and students from the Design Department started participating in the Pre-K Olympics providing a creative activity.

Currently we are offering a button making activity. Children pick the letter of their first or last name then decorate it (they can choose to draw their own) Once they have completed their letter then it get's converted into a button/pin. An activity enjoyed by all! (See images below the poster)

Spring 17, Poster and Postcard design by Isabella Cailfi

Faculty and students from the Design Department providing a creative activity, enjoyed by all! CCSU Pre-K - Graphic Design