CCSU Campus of Compassion

DESIGN BRIEF: Branding - design a logo, website and print collateral materials

CLIENT: CCSU Campus of Compassion
Steering committee representatives: Carol Shaw Austad and Malley

2014-2015 - The impetus for this project was to raise awareness and invite all departments, clubs, committees & schools to endorse CCSU in becoming a University of Compassion. The essence of compassion is the desire to alleviate the suffering of others and the wish to promote their well-being.

This was the perfect community related project for the departments’ studio class, it had all the goals we have in mind when considering such a project; longevity and meaningful.

Our staff and students worked with the client to produce an extremely successful campaign which included a logo, brochure, endorsement form as well as launching a landing page for compassion.ccsu.edu, where visitors could watch videos, download the endorsement form and view upcoming events.

Needless to say the students built proficiency with working alongside a client as well as with each other and was a wonderful project to add to their portfolio and resume. The experience crossed the boundaries of art and design, fostered mutual respect of everyone involved, built human connections and a sense of community and opened the heart of all engaged and continues to do so.

APRIL 13, 2015 - PRESENT – Campus of Compassion Resolution was Approved Unanimously by Faculty Senate with Presidential Committee to commence in the Fall 2016. It’s been a honor to be a part of bringing the CCSU Campus of Compassion to fruition and the department continues to work with the presidential and marketing committees. We have been pleased to engage in such inspiring, uplifting and gratifying endeavor.

Since this project's inception the Central Design classes have built a fully functional site, additional print collateral pieces and maintains the website with upcoming events and endorsements.


"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work that Tina Rice and the Central Design teams have done to promote the Campus of Compassion initiative at CCSU. The wonderful CCSU Compassion logo and the first-rate website have served as the marketing cornerstones for the successful CCSU compassion initiative. The website especially has been the envy of many of our colleagues at other Connecticut campuses that are carrying out similar compassion initiatives and has been praised by staff at the office of the International Charter for Compassion. The website is aesthetically pleasing, provides for an ease of navigation, and incorporates opportunities for social sharing.

Beyond sharing your obvious technical expertise in design and graphics, your department has reflected a spirit of compassion by your abiding commitment to this project as well as being a frequent flyer for the Sandwich Heroes Project to feed the homeless.

With deepest gratitude on behalf of the CCSU Compassion initiative, James Malley

Final website design by Amanda Harrington, Phil Powers, Brian Oddo.
Art direction and technical support provided by Tina Rice.