DESIGN (Graphic Information), B.A.
Undergrad Curriculum (36sh)

120 credits are required. Minimum of 30 credits taken in residence.

  • DES 222: Graphic / Information Design I (3sh) (a grade of B or better is required)
  • DES 225: History & Design of Typography (3sh)
  • DES 322: Graphic/Information Design II (3sh)
  • DES 325: Digital Imaging/Motion Graphics I (3sh)
  • DES 326: Digital Imaging/Motion Graphics II (3sh)
  • DES 419: History of Design (3sh)
  • DES 425: 3D Imaging for Graphic/Information Design (3sh)
  • DES 436: Graphic/Information Design III (3sh)
  • DES 438: Graphic/Information Design IV (3sh)
  • DES 499: Comp Applications for Graphic Info Design (3sh)
  • MKT 306: Advertising & Promotion (3sh)
  • Approved Directed Elective (3sh)

Additionally Required:

  • ART 110: Introduction to Art History (3sh)
  • ART 130: Drawing I (3sh)
  • ART 224: Illustration I (3sh)
  • MKT 295: Fundamentals of Marketing (3sh)
  • Approved Directed Elective (3sh)

Standard Minor or Major-Related Courses (18sh) Approval of Advisor Required. (9 sh) at 300-400 level must be taken at CCSU.

(Open to Design Majors only for Directed Elective or Major Related)

  • DES 437: Design Internship
  • DES 439: Central Design (In-house studio class)
  • DES 465: Special Studies


  • A grade of C- or better is required in all other Major, Major-Related and Prerequisite course work.
  • Courses counted in your major may not be double counted or double placed in the Minor, or Major-Related Course Area.
  • Advising and program information provided on this website is for general information and guidance only. It does not constitute a contract, either express or implied, and is subject to revision at the University’s discretion. A plan of study may be subject to revision to reflect such additional requirements.