CCSU Graphic Design Degree Overview

BA Graphic Information Design Admissions

Freshmen and all incoming students will be advised as Pre-Graphic / Information Degree Majors prior to full program admission. Acceptance into the University and participation in the Pre-Graphic / Information Design program does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is competitive.

Students Seeking Full Admission to the BA Graphic Information Design Degree Program MUST Meet the Following Qualifications:

  • A student must receive a score of 85 or better on the comprehensive assessment administered in DES 122, Fundamentals of Graphic / Information Design. (DES 122 may only be repeated with the permission of the Department Chair).
    DES 122 - Fundamentals of Graphic/Information Design -
    Exploration of Graphic/Information Design principles, practices, and problem solving. Pre-Graphic/Information Design majors only. No transfer credit will be accepted. May be repeated only with the permission of the department chair. Fall. Study Area I
  • Overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Student must be in good academic standing.

Apply to CCSU

Students can apply to CCSU online by visiting the application website.

Degree Evaluations

Students can easily do an evaluation by visiting the CCSU website.